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I'm an entrepreneur, leader, coach, and business consultant that works, typically, with leaders in hi-tech and small business owners to help them become more effective, balance their lives, and be more fulfilled in life.

Currently I'm working in several different business ventures.

- Vice President of Leadership Programs for Integral Leadership, LLC where I'm responsible for leadership curriculum design and delivery as well as business development.

- Founder of Compassionate Coaching where I'm responsible for everything (this is my own private leadership coaching and business consulting practice).

For years I have been living several key questions that have guided my journey. They are:

What do leaders do to meet or exceed the need for leadership?

What happens to make relationships work?

What must we do to live a fulfilled life?

I would love to talk with you about what you've learned about these questions and to share what I have learned.

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innovation, emotions, integral coaching (coaching that integrates the body, and nature), integral leadership, living a fulfilled and satisfied life, culture, spirit, integral business design, sustainability, mind, across self