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November 01, 2006



Hi Steve - I really enjoyed hearing your take on a leader. Right now I am participating in Landmark Education's Commitment Seminar Series, and so i'm drawing a lot of parallels to what you're talking about. I assume you're a forum graduate? Well I have been having similar thoughts on leadership--- so thanks for helping me to get clear on the stance of a leader. Most inspirational to me is this line:

"We look for the person who is not paralyzed, being the victim, or disengaged. We look for the person who is going to step up and be a catalyst to focus us, to enroll us, to engage us in also stepping up out of our paralysis, victimization, and disengagement."

I think you hit it RIGHT ON THE MARK!




Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I have taken the Forum, however, nothing else from Landmark. It doesn't play a big role in my current approach to either leadership or coaching although we draw from similar backgrounds (namely the work of Fernando Flores). So perhaps you see the similarity from that.

Take care,


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